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Foragers Field Kitchen and Cooking School is a unique farm-based dining room and cooking school, with self-contained luxury and farmhouse accommodation. It is located in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia, 6km south of Pemberton.

Foragers offers dinners in our dining room, cooking classes, and accommodation with the option of breakfast hampers for our overnight guests. Due to Foragers’ boutique nature, advance bookings for all our offers are essential.

Foragers endeavors to:

  • Present fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce from the Southern Forests region at our regular set menu dinners, in Foragers’ friendly communal dining room, known as the Field Kitchen.
  • Share the philosophy behind the food we create with our guests
  • Inspire food lovers with demonstration cooking classes and private group full day workshops held in Foragers’ commercial kitchen
  • Provide luxurious and sustainable self-contained accommodation on our 19-acre property fringed by the Brockman State Forest and Gloucester National Park
  • Support the local farmers and producers of the Southern Forests region and honour the culinary heritage of the area
  • Create the opportunity for intimate and memorable small functions such as wedding and corporate events with our mix of accommodation, dining and learning

About the Owners

Chris and Sophie Zalokar are the proprietors of Foragers Field Kitchen and Cooking School.

Along with their two children, Chris and Sophie moved to the Southern Forests of Western Australia and took over Pemberton Breakaway Cottages in 2005.  After building new accommodation, a commercial kitchen and dining room; the Zalokars relaunched the destination as Foragers Field Kitchen and Cooking School in March 2011. Foragers’ full and delicious program continues on in 2019 however Sophie and Chris have also reached a lifecycle decision to find new owners for Foragers and it is currently on the market.

Sophie Zalokar

Sophie is a highly regarded chef, food educator and cookbook author who apprenticed under Maggie Beer. Sophie’s recipes are frequently featured in the media and can also be found on her website.  She has published two cookbooks, PicNic: Outdoor Feasts in the Australian Landscape (2002) and Food of the Southern Forests (2014). Sophie is the head chef and culinary instructor at Foragers.

Chris Kalokar

Chris, originally from Switzerland, is a skilled carpenter and cabinet maker who was responsible for building the Foragers Field Kitchen and dining room facility, the luxury accommodation offerings and farm outbuildings. At Foragers, Chris looks after guest experience as well as undertaking the day to day maintenance and care of the farm and accommodation.

About the Foragers Property

Established in 1950 by Italian migrants, Foragers is a sheltered nineteen-acre smallholding within a beautiful undulating natural environment. Fringed by the Brockman State Forest and the Gloucester National Park just out of Pemberton, the property encompasses the best features of the Southern Forests region.

Over the years we have attempted to raise both animals and plants for our own and guest consumption, favouring rare and old breeds of plants and animals offering a more tangible and authentic food experience for our guests.

Hierloom Kitchen Garden

When we took over the property in 2005, our mission was to create a productive kitchen garden.  Our kitchen garden supplements the fresh produce we obtain from local growers.

Because we are close to commercial producers from whom we can easily source most well-known ingredients, we put our efforts into growing more unusual varieties of herbs, salad and leafy greens. We also prefer non-hybrid, open-pollinated seed from heritage varieties, as a way of ensuring their survival.

Heritage Fruit Orchard

One of the greatest pleasures is to pick and eat fruit at its peak and there is nothing more intoxicating than the perfume of fruit tree blossom on a warm spring day.

Every year since 2005, we have added to Foragers existing small orchard with nut, heirloom pome and stone fruit.  Today we grow over 40 different varieties.

We hope our orchard helps inspire guests with the idea that fruit is not only for fresh eating, but can also provide many wonderful and rich culinary opportunities to share.

Rare Breed Farm Animals

Growing rare breeds for the table enhances their chances of survival, because increased demand leads to increased supply.  Simply choosing rare breeds, however, does not ensure tasty results. The environment around the animals, what they have been fed and how they have been raised has the most influence in their flavour and texture when cooked. We work hard to ensure that our farm animals enjoy a healthy, well-fed and stress free life.

Wessex Saddleback Pigs

We’re partial to this special breed due to its gentle nature and unique taste, which greatly reflects how they are raised and dispatched. They are one of the most popular rare breeds for small landholders and in the past have taken pride of place on our property.

Silver Grey Dorking Chickens

Dorking chickens were said to have been brought to Britain by the Romans. This five-toed heavy breed has always been known for its table qualities, is friendly, easily tamed and are a good egg layers considering that they are a specific meat breed.

Aylesbury Ducks

The pink-billed Aylesbury duck is fast growing and is said to be the table duck of choice. One of the largest breeds of domestic ducks, they can be ready for the table in about eight weeks, weighing somewhere in the vicinity of 4 to 6 kg.

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